Whistle while you work

Heralding happiness among the ranks

By Leslie T. Snadowsky

Candice Taylor (left) is a recruiting manager, and Casey Norris is a human resources coordinator for Sea Pines Resort.

As prospective employees are empowered by their choices in a job market inundated with opportunities, how does a company keep its workforce content and not tempted to stray?

Statistically, happy employees are more creative and offer better customer service, so many bosses are investing in ways to attract and retain employees less likely to quit and seeking strategies to keep the ranks feeling connected to their organization beyond offering the standard health, dental and vision benefits and incremental raises.

At The Sea Pines Resort, a Lowcountry golf and beach destination located along 5,000 oceanfront acres spanning the southern end of Hilton Head Island, employees are treated like their own guests.

“We always can increase our benefits and enhance our pay wages, but if we don’t help retain our talent by employee-engagement opportunities, we will lose our talent as fast as we get them in here,” said Candice Taylor, Sea Pines Resort recruiting manager.

Working staycation

In addition to standard benefits that kick in after 60 days for full-time employees, staff members at Sea Pines are given resort privileges, including a 20 percent dining discount, a 20 percent retail discount and access to its fitness center, tennis courts and pools as well as free rounds of golf at its enviable Heron Point and Atlantic Dunes golf courses. Employees just have to pay the cart fees.

Pat on the back

Some benefits beyond the basics that create positive work environments include employee recognition initiatives and rewards. Sea Pines has a Circle of Excellence committee that meets monthly and rewards an Employee of the Month and a Manager of the Quarter.

“We’re putting a stronger emphasis on our employee recognition program and getting back to normal, holding employee events,” said Casey Norris, Sea Pines human resources coordinator. “Our employee recognition programs keep everyone feeling like a big family.”

Social network

While it’s been challenging for companies to organize employee events in the last few years, Sea Pines’ Taylor says they are looking forward to hosting an employee golf tournament, employee luncheons and seasonal celebrations like a Christmas Party in 2022.

“Now that we’re starting to get back to normal, we want to bring back all our employee events and host our employee picnic in the spring,” Norris said.

Housing haven

Sea Pines luxury boutique hotel and 400 home and villa rentals are not the only accommodations the resort offers. There’s also a newly constructed Sea Pines-branded housing complex complete with a clubhouse for employees.

“Our housing makes transportation to the resort a lot easier for international employees, especially,” Norris said. “And it’s not strictly for international employees. There are opportunities for other employees to take advantage of our housing. It’s been really difficult for anyone to find affordable housing in the proximity of our resort.”

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