You might need a business makeover if…

By Geoff Fixwirthy

This is not a “you know you’re a redneck when” joke, but it is not dissimilar. There are strong signs that your business needs a makeover, but you may not see those signs or might not have the time or wherewithal to do something about it. We can help by outlining some of the symptoms and offering a chance to win a professional makeover. 

Signs you might need a brand makeover:

You’re stuck in the ‘90s: If you use the same logo and marketing materials as when you started your business, you might need a makeover. Your logo and marketing materials may have looked innovative when you started but may be outdated now, like orange shag carpeting in the basement. 

Your business has changed: If you have added services or products or changed how you do business over time, you might need a makeover. An example is Joe’s Heating and Air, which just added plumbing services. Changing the name to Joe’s Heating, Air and Plumbing may not be enough to signal a change to consumers who see the same logo and trucks with the word ‘plumbing’ added. 

You’re inconsistent: If your trucks look different than your business cards that look different from your website that looks different from your brochures, you might need a makeover. No one intends to be inconsistent, but inconsistencies occur as things are added. 

Your customers have changed: Your customers may be changing, or you may want a different clientele. If you are using the same marketing you used to get a $100 sale but want a $500 sale, you might need a makeover. 

You’re planning to grow: If you want to expand products, services or partner with another company, you might need a makeover. This is the perfect time to step back and assess whether your marketing tells the story you now want to tell.


You could win a $10,000 brand makeover.

Your brand is the face of your business and the first impression your company makes. If yours needs a refresh or a redo, this contest is for you. It’s easy to enter, and all entries will receive a bonus gift from AlphaGraphics and LOCAL Biz. The winner will receive a complete marketing re-brand graphics and elements printed by AlphaGraphics including:

  • Logo redesign or refresh
  • Business Cards / Brochures / Menus / Print
  • Window and Wall Graphics
  • Exterior graphics (where permitted)
  • Advertising and Promotion in LOCAL Biz Magazine
  • Social Media Promotion
  • Direct Mail Postcards
  • Significant public relations and promotional support

It’s easy to enter or nominate a business:

  1. Visit LocalBizSC.com/Makeover
  2. Answer three questions
  3. Upload 3-5 photos

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