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Your technology is probably…Outdated

If not, it soon will be

By Mark Rossi 

“If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” is not how to think about your IT systems. Think of technology as the backbone of your business; if it is solid, it can give you a competitive advantage, withstand pressure and enable peak performance. IT is often thought of as computers and the cloud, but it is so much more when if comes to running and growing a business. Here are three critical factors to consider:

1. Networks are dynamic

They are always changing, need upgrading and aren’t just ‘pipes and plumbing.’ For example, as you evolve payment systems, launch a CRM, do more remote communications and update your website, you need to consider the changes needed to operate your new technologies together and ensure all your software and hardware is secure. 

2. Software needs frequent updates

Think about how many times your phone sends you a notification to update, and all you do is push ‘Update Now.’ Unfortunately, enterprise systems are not as simple as a push of a button. When one program updates, it can cause ‘glitches’ or incompatibilities in other programs, and some updates can take literally hours.

3. The Cloud doesn’t replace your IT management needs

‘The Cloud’ simply provides a framework for efficiency, storage and collaboration. It is part of a technology ecosystem but is not the ecosystem. Most businesses have a myriad of technology parts that need to be integrated, updated and managed together, from hardware to software, from to security to backups.

If you don’t have an IT strategic plan, or if IT is not a key part of your business growth plan, you are essentially waiting for a rainy day to fix the roof. You do not need to be an IT expert, nor do you need to form a new department. Many Lowcountry businesses now outsource everything from cyber security to troubleshooting and repairs, from system backup to IT strategic planning for growth. This lets the management teams focus on growing their businesses and putting out the inevitable fires that pop up every day.

Mark Rossi is president of KML Computer Services. Since 1996 he has been immersed in the technology field, working in various positions, from hardware technician and network manager to network engineer and IT consultant.

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